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17-18 September 2011 - Cluj Napoca, Romania

European Champions Cup

The international competition was held in Cluj Napoca with the participation of more than 500 athletes from 50 clubs of 12 countries. Our federation sent 11 competitors to the event winning a total of 10 medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 7 bronze) in several categories.

Csaba Bárdi Dr international referee also joined the Hungarian team.



1st place

Judit Kresz, Dr (Honbu) - Senior Wado-Ryu

3rd place

Éva Pásztor (Honbu) - Masters Wado-Ryu
Viktória Radnóti (SZAC) - Cadet Wado-Ryu
Tamás Strohmayer (SZAC) - Children age 9-10, all styles
Márk Zádori (SZAC) - Cadet Wado-Ryu

4th place

Tamás Pénzes (Honbu/SZAC) - Senior Wado-Ryu
Dániel Sponga (SZAC) - Cadet Wado-Ryu
Ádám Strohmayer (SZAC) - Children age 11-12, all styles


2nd place

Viktória Radnóti (SZAC) - Cadet
Ádám Strohmayer (SZAC) - Children age 11-12

3rd place

Tamás Pénzes (Honbu/SZAC) - Senior +75kg
Viktória Radnóti (SZAC) - Best of the Bests


3rd place

Senior Shobu Sanbon
(Dávid Nagy (Honbu), Tamás Pénzes (SZAC), Dániel Sponga (SZAC))